Volunteer Position Description


Position Title: Community Public Relations Advisor


Reporting Relationship: Reports to Board of Trustees


Working Schedule: part time, estimated 10-15 hours a month, no specific schedule


Compensation: N/A, Volunteer position


Position Responsibilities: The Community Public Relations Advisor is a special adviser to the Board of Trustees (BOT) with the following duties:

  1. Advise the BOT in various suggested communication strategies to advance and publicize the goal and mission of the school to the greater Nashua and New Hampshire community.

  2. To suggest and develop marketing communication campaigns for review and approval by the BOT for the school in general and in support of specific projects and programs as directed by the BOT.

  3. To support the BOT and the School staff in preparation of specific press releases and marketing communication materials as needed.

  4. To distribute and publicize the communications through all appropriate channels.

  5. To serve as the schools public relations and communications representative as needed and coordinate these activities with the BOT and administration staff.

  6. To attend BOT meeting and prepare a monthly report to the BOT on activities.



Position Qualifications: A candidate should have knowledge, expertise, or experience in the following areas.

1.   Broad experience with all types of communications channels.

2    Knowledge of the greater Nashua Community and the various media channels serving the community.

3.   Polished demeanor and comfortable speaking to audiences and the public.

4.   PC skills and social media skills required.

5.   Prior experience in marketing communications and public relations.

6.   College degree in related area of study is highly desirable.