NEW Enrichment   Activities


Following a highly successful internal 1st session of Enrichment Activities, we are thrilled to continue to offer this program for a 2nd session AND offer it externally! This session will run from January 19th-April 23rd. The offerings for this session will all be held virtually through Google Meet. Below you will find a link to these exciting opportunities. 


EXTERNAL: $30.00


NOTE: Some of these electives have a material cost to them.


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021 i-Ready Testing

Letter to the Parents

Choose Love


We adopted Choose Love in the Fall of 2019. Choose Love for Schools is a no cost, next-generation social and emotional learning (SEL) and character education program for Pre-K through 12th grades, designed to teach students, educators and staff how to choose love in any circumstance thereby creating a safer, more connected school culture. Aligned with CASEL, Common Core and ASCA, Choose Love For Schools is also the first SEL program to fully incorporate state of the art Character Social Emotional Development (CSED) model standards, while incorporating neuroscience and positive psychology to teach mindfulness, character, and emotional intelligence. These essential life skills and tools make students better learners, more desirable employees and happier, healthier, human beings.



Developed in the summer of 2019 by Gate City teachers, and introduced to the school in October 2019, Artist-of-the-Month is a whole-school, arts-integrated curriculum which focuses on developing, responding to, and creating visual art. Over the course of a month, students write several different pieces in response to selected works of art by that month’s artist. They craft their writing using a variety of forms, including descriptive, narrative, and creative. In addition to writing about art, students produce mimic pieces based on a selected work of art. In doing so, they practice the techniques and style they have observed throughout the month. Further, during class discussions related to the artists and their work, teachers use Visual Thinking Strategies to encourage students in thinking and talking about art.

The school community gathers at the beginning of each month to announce and celebrate the new artist of the month. After studying, writing about, and mimicking that artist, two students from each grade level are recognized for their exceptional work: one for a writing piece and one for a mimic piece.