Fifth Grade

March 14, 2017

Math: This week we will do an extensive review on fraction multiplication before we add the final piece of fraction division. Science: Students will have the opportunity to continue to watch the brine shrimp hatch and thrive and will be introduced to mealworms. ELA: This week we will continue our analysis of the characters in "Bull Run" as well as prep for a Socratic Seminar to share what we have learned about links between the characters and their symbols.

March 7, 2017

Math: Students will be finishing fraction multiplication by re-introducing strategies for decimal multiplication as well as applying the skills they have learned to measurement conversion problems.

ELA: Students will be reading about several new characters from the book "Bull Run" and analyzing their role in the Civil War. Students will also start prepping for their next Socratic Seminar by making goals and researching notes.

Science: After the loss of our first set of fish (boo), students have successfully created an environment for our isopods. They will be trying to hatch some brine shrimp this week by experimenting with saline levels in water cups, and then they will try setting up aquatic environments for the new fish next week.

February 21, 2017

Math: After spending a little extra time working on multiplication of fractions and whole numbers, the whole class has moved onto multiplying fractions by fractions. ELA: Using both the texts "Bull Run" and "A Boy's War," students have started examining the many reasons why young boys illegally enlisted in the Civil War. They also studied photocopies of real Civil War recruitment posters and determined similarities between both the context and the design. The 5th grade is now working on designing their own Civil War posters. Science: Our class now has goldfish, guppies, snails, isopods, and worms. Through experimentation and observation, the 5th graders will learn what these organisms need to survive.

February 7, 2017

Math: Students completed the mid-module assessment task last week for Module 4 and are going to spend a few more days this week really cementing the skill of multiplying a fraction by a whole number before moving on to the second half of Module 4.

ELA: The end-of-the-module assessment task for Module 2 is completed. Students have received their copies of the new primary text for Module 3, "Bull Run." This book explores the Civil War from the perspective of many different characters of different genders, races, and ages.

Science: Come snow or rain, hopefully our live creatures will be delivered this week! We will need to move quickly to create environments for our bugs and aquatic creatures to thrive in. If you have any empty 2 liter plastic bottles at home, please clean them and send them in. Thanks!

January 24, 2017

Math: We are well on our way into the next module, Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions. Based on some of the classroom's collective strengths from the last module, we have already been able to condense some of the beginning lessons of this module. ELA: This week our focus is on our two end-of-the-module assessments. One is out Socratic Seminar, or collaborative discussion, about how Milo has changed over the course of the novel. The other is a narrative writing piece that illustrates Milo and his interaction with a new demon that the students have created. Enrichment: The 5th grade is transitioning from Enrichment with Mrs. Tanguay to the collaborative project that the rest of the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have been working on. They are presenting their comedy skits this week to the 4th grade. They will be joining the mural project with the other grades starting on Tuesday. Science: 5th grade: We are waiting for our live creatures to come in so we can start building environments! 6th grade: 6th graders have their research booklets and are continuing on their quest to fill the pages with everything that they need to know about their organism, ecosystem, and world biome.