PTO Officers

President: Sarah Thibeault

Vice-President: Amy Cooper

Secretary: Julie Archambault

Treasurer: Danielle Charest

Administrative LiaisonAstrid Alvarado

Elementary LiaisonNicole Riddell

Middle School Liaison: Mary Ellen Wessels

Join us!

Welcome to another great year at GCCSA!

20-21 brings along some challenges, but it is our main purpose to be of service to the children, the school and our community and we can only do that with your assistance. We thank all the parents and GCCSA staff who have volunteered their time in the past and look forward to hosting our old faves and adding some awesome new programs.

It is your support with the GCCSA PTO that makes GCCSA a great school.


To join the PTO, even if you have very little time available, we would love you to hear from you.

What's Happening?

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<> 2021 4pm



20-21 Minutes

19-20 Minutes
May 21, 2019
May 2, 2019
April 2, 2019