April 4, 2017

Last week, students continued with their units on form, rhythm, melody, and harmony. Kindergarten learned that melodies can be made up of different sections. They also learned songs and dances from Africa. First grade analyzed the form of the song, “Happy” from the movie, “The Descendants” and did a dance to demonstrate the different sections in the song. Second grade is learning about harmony. They learned the song, “The Lion” and added a vocal and instrumental ostinato (repeated pattern) to the song to create the harmony. Third and fourth grade created rhythmic story compositions using their spelling words. They wrote a story and then turned it into musical notation. Fourth grade added instruments and presented their compositions to the class. Third grade will finish their pieces this week. Fifth grade focused on their spring song by making sure the notes they were singing were correct and practiced singing strong so that all parts could be heard. Sixth and eighth grade finished putting together their Grammy projects. They learned songs in their categories and eighth grade created a performance to go with their presentation. This week, they will present their part of the show to the classmates. Seventh grade began a unit on the piano. Each student chose three pieces to prepare and learned how to read the notes in the music and the basics to playing the instrument.

March 28, 2017

Last week, students continued work in their new units. Kindergarten and first grade learned that music can be broken up into sections. Kindergarten also learned some songs from Peru. Second grade had their dress rehearsal for their play. Third and fourth grade focused on rhythm. Third grade did a musical jump rope challenge to figure out how many quarter, half, and whole notes they could jump while singing a chant to help them remember note durations. Fourth grade wrote stories using their spelling words and are in the process of converting the words in the story into a musical composition. Fifth grade learned about slave code songs in the Civil War and the importance that the war had in preserving the spirituals that we know today. Sixth and eighth grades worked on their Grammy project. They completed writing their introductions for their categories and began working on the performance part of the project. Seventh grade finished projects from their world cultures unit and presented them to the class. They performed their fable compositions using only two instruments and completed their fast song competition.

March 22, 2017

Last week, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders continued work on their units while kindergarten through fifth grade started new units. Kindergarten started a unit on form, learning that music can be broken up into sections. They are also learning about music from the countries that they are studying in their classroom. Last week, they learned a children’s game from Ireland. Second grade continued working on their play, but also learned about the different instrument families in the orchestra. Fourth grade started a unit on rhythm. They played a body percussion game that helped them identify the different rhythmic notes and their durations. Fifth grade started a unit on Civil War music and melody. They analyzed six different songs that were sung by the different groups of people affected by the Civil War. Sixth grade and eighth grade continue their work on their Grammy’s project. This week, eighth graders continued their research and began to write their introductions to their categories. Seventh graders finished their studies of world cultures. Last week they learned about the music of Columbia and the country’s fast song competition. Students then wrote an eight-line rap about their hobby or special talent and we had a fast song competition to see who could say their rap the fastest. First, third, and sixth grade did not have music last week due to the snow day.

March 7, 2017

Before vacation, students completed units and started new units. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade focused on how music can tell a story. Third grade looked at how melodies can be in a connected or disconnected style and created artwork based on pieces of music they listened to. Fourth grade completed their study on code songs of the Underground Railroad, focusing on songs that mapped routes to freedom. Fifth grade completed its unit on cowboy songs and created their own songs. Sixth grade and eighth grade continued their Grammy's project by casting their votes for their classes productions of their own Grammy show.

February 21, 2017

Last week, students continued work on their current units for the months of January and February. Kindergarten, used instruments to make sounds of what it would be like to play in the rain such as hopping in puddles. First grade learned about how dynamics can be heard in nature and used instruments to create a rain storm. Second grade worked on their play. Third grade used recorders and completed a recorder page for their books. Fourth grade continued their study on the Underground Railroad and coded songs focusing on songs that were sung to give directions and mapped out the route to freedom. They also discovered some places in New Hampshire that were used as safe houses for fugitive slaves. Fifth grade compared and contrasted cowboy songs. Sixth and eighth grade started a project on creating their own Grammy awards show. In addition to the Grammy awards show, eighth grade also learned about love songs from 1900-1920.

February 15, 2017

Last week due to the snow, only seventh and second graders had music classes. Second graders continued work on their play on how music can exhibit emotion. Last week, they created scenery and masks. This week we will be fine tuning our performance and scene transitions. We are hoping to perform the play during one of their class times next week. Seventh grade continued their studies on music from around the world. Last week, they studied the music of Japan. They discovered how a traditional piece of music can sound different when another culture plays it using different instruments and tempos. They also explored the Japanese scale and how it is different from the Western scale we use in the US. Finally, they sang a song in Japanese.

February 7, 2017

Last week, most students continued working on units, while some completed units and started new ones. Kindergarten, first, second, and sixth grade continued their work on how music tells a story. Kindergarten focused on song tales while first grade continued work on a sound story. Second and sixth grades worked on their plays. Third grade finished their unit on world music studying the music and dance of Brazil. Fourth grade continued work on code songs from the Underground Railroad. Last week, they learned about the songs slaves would sing to make fun of slave owners and to let other slaves know they were running away. Fifth grade also continued work on their unit on cowboy songs and songs from the west. Last week, they learned a square dance. Seventh grade continued their study on world music focusing on the music from the country of Latvia. Eighth grade started a unit on love songs.