Second Grade

April 4, 2017


Over the weekend; I emailed a sign up genius for parent conferences. Please pick a time slot for next Wednesday, April 12th. The children do not have school that day. This week we are putting a second coat of paint on our bird houses. The bird houses will decorate the playground when we are finished. Our hope is that they will bring bright cheery colors to the outside of the school. This Wednesday we will meet for our Pattern Block Collaboration with grades K-4. We are still exploring pattern blocks at this time. Our hopes are to eventually create a quilt. In May we will be looking for volunteers to help sew:)


March 28, 2017


We are eager for Spring weather to arrive. We will be painting birdhouses in the art room Tuesday afternoon. If anyone is interested in helping out please send me an email. When they are finished; we will put birdseed and hang them at school. After, the weather gets nicer we will be able to watch and graph the birds that visit. Our play is this Wednesday at 12:45. I hope everyone can join us! The kids have worked very hard on it and are very excited to perform in front of an audience. Our class will focus on sentence structure and subject/ predicate this week in Language. The kids will be asked to identify and create various sentences. In math we are making place value disks. We will use them for various work throughout the week. The class should continue to practice math facts and reading level appropriate books at home. Have a great week!

March 22, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!!! This week in math we will work on numbers going from standard form to expanded form. We will continue with addition and subtraction facts. The students are also really getting into money. I know I use a debit card because it's so easy. In this day and age many kids have a difficult time with money because they don't see it as much. It would be great if the kids could count and see the coins outside of school. It helps them remember when they see things used in everyday life. I appreciate your help on with that.

Incorporated into our language and Wit and Wisdom class, we will learn about compound words. We will continue to review parts of speech. I believe the love of reading begins at a young age. So, I'd like to challenge the students to read 20 minutes a night. At the end of the week if they did 20 minutes of reading for each of the five nights write me a note and I'll have a challenge reward for students. This is completely optional; but the more students read the better readers they become.

This week is the Kindness Challenge! Tuesday- Dress Like a Hippie Wednesday- Dress in Beach or Surfer attire Thursday- Dress in crazy clothing or crazy hair Friday- Wear Gate City attire Have a great week!!!

March 14, 2017

  We are excited to begin K-4 Collaborative Arts this week. All five grades will blend together to make fun creations with Pattern Blocks.

In Eureka we are learning to write numbers in standard form and convert them into expanded form. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts at home.

We are continuing our opinion papers. The students are beginning to edit mistakes and correct them before making a final copy. I can't wait to hear what the greatest pet in the world is from each child's perspective.

In Wit & Wisdom we will begin learning how adding the suffix -ly can change an adjective into an adverb. For example, A person moving quickly is being quick.

March 7, 2017

Welcome Back! I hope everyone's vacation week went well. We have many things going on in second grade. We are working on parts of speech and our focus will be adverbs. We will continue to work on nouns, verbs, and adjectives as well. The students will begin writing an opinion paper. They will follow the writing process to explain what the best pet in the world is. Afterwards, they will try to convince the rest of the class of their opinion. We will see if anyone can be swayed. In math we are working on regrouping in addition. The students are understanding the process; but fact fluency is holding many back. I'm encouraging students to practice facts nightly. There are many was to practice facts and make it enjoyable. Have a great week!

February 21, 2017

Good Afternoon, I hope everyone had a great three day weekend. The teachers were busy at work at a professional development workshop. This week in math we will continue working with three-digit numbers in Unit, Standard Form, Expanded Form, and Word Forms. We are also working on fact fluency; which will continue throughout the year. Our key skill this week will be prefixes. We continue to work on phonics and spelling skills through our Fundations Unit. I have introduced the children to the author Beverly Cleary and we are reading Ramona Quimby, age 8. I hope you all have a wonderful vacation and we will see you in March.

February 15, 2017

Hope everyone enjoyed their snow days! This week on Tuesday we will celebrate Valentine's Day by making a class Valentine. You are also welcome to bring in Valentine Cards. We have 15 children in our second grade. This is a busy week because it will also include the 100th day of school! We will be celebrating with kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades. We will be breaking up into mixed groups to participate in some collaborative 100th day activities. The children will have the opportunity to visit different teachers as well. In math we will continue to focus on facts fluency. We will also work on two and three digit number comparisons. We will work on number sense and determining if the numbers are greater than, less than, or equal to.

February 7, 2017

I am so happy to be the new second grade teacher. I had a warm welcome from staff and students. The students and I have been getting to know each other. Thank you to parents for the warm welcome, as well. In math we are reinforcing our fact fluency of addition and subtraction. It's important the students know their facts without counting on their fingers. Any work done at home to help this would be appreciated. There are many great ways to practice facts...flash cards, computer games, apps, or orally. 

January 31, 2017

In ELA, we have continued our discussions about the Civil Rights Movement, focusing most recently on diversity. Mrs. Cevasco visited second grade and shared with us an abstract painting "Diversity II" by artist Michael Lonfeldt. We noticed how the painting had many colors, all brought together. Some of the colors retained their original hues, while others blended to form a new color. The many differences in the painting came together to form a masterpiece. We, then, used many colors to paint our own diversity paintings. The next step in the ELA lesson is to write an artist statement, a paragraph to describe each painting. Bring on the adjectives!

January 24, 2017

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and siblings who visited second grade last Friday for our Gallery Opening! The students were proud to show their sculptures and read their descriptive paragraphs!  

Mr. McHugh has been woking with second graders on being kind and recognizing each other for their acts of kindness. We have a treasure box in our room and write compliments to each other when the occasion calls for it. Those moments of kindness are growing and our treasure box abounds with good deeds and kind words!

We are starting a unit on diversity by reading about the great work of Martin Luther King Jr. We will be making venn diagrams to show the similarities and differences in our classmates. We are each unique and special together!  We will be doing some abstract paintings to visualize diversity and will write an artist statement to describe our work. Second grade friends will work on giving each other feedback on each other's artwork by practicing "I notice. . ." statements.

In math, we continue our unit on place value and money, as well as working on fluency in addition and subtraction facts. In science, we are working on the unit, Materials in our World.

During our teacher transition, we are thankful for our Assistant Teacher Mr. McHugh who has been subbing and ensuring that we are cared for and valued and individuals and as a class. Thank you to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Savoie for helping with second grade reading and Fundations. Thank you to Mrs. Waterman for helping with second grade math. Thank you to Mrs. Gratton, Mrs. Butler, and Mrs. Abel for stepping in and helping us in second grade. Thank you to Mrs. Kosofsky and Mrs. Cevasco who have joined our second grade community and sang with us and read books with us. 

We had the opportunity to meet our new teacher, Mrs. Ferris on Monday when she stopped into the school. We can't wait to welcome her to second grade on February 1, 2017!